Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Liberal thought

from Quartz
"If Silicon Valley ever formed a political party, it might look a lot like the current iteration of Germany’s Free Democrats, or FDP. In the 2017 election cycle, the FDP offered a platform that reads like what Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg would come up with if they decided to disrupt Rand Paul. Its primary aspirations include creating a startup-friendly economy, digitizing Germany’s monolithic reams of bureaucratic paperwork (no small feat), and, yes, radically reduce income taxes, which currently top off at 45% for the highest earners. To some, this might suggest that a cultural shift is afoot in Germany. After all, the FDP’s leader, a magnetic 38-year-old named Christian Lindnerhas openly expressed a desire to shake things up. 

In an August interview with The Economist, in which he called Germany’s economy 'a prosperity hallucination,' Lindner also explained that in his country, “entrepreneurship has long been undervalued,  and societies that are prepared to be more daring and have efficient capital markets have overtaken us on this.' Germans could be 'world leaders' in the new economy, Lindner said, 'but we have to want it'.” 

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