Thursday, October 04, 2007


Back in mid-May I gave my employer notice that in little over a month various permits and visas would be up for renewal. Promises followed. Bukhara, insh'allah!

Got a bit nervous as the day of my departure to the MipCom conference in Cannes approached and my passport was still without the needed stamps. Finally yesterday action ensued. I signed some mysterious official looking Arabic forms, entrusted my passport to our facilitator and hoped for the best.

Twenty minutes ago my passport was returned to me, properly stamped.

No blogging for the coming ten days, but a video uploaded which is colourful, zingy and optimistic; which is a good tone to strike I believe.

The fashion label is Brazilian. And I shall be in Paris at the close of Fashion Week and there to cheer on the Scottish team in the Rugby World Cup. Mafi mushkalla! Külo tamam!

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