Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bubble talk

The video embedded below is great fun. But on a more serious note I wonder a bit about the danger of a Web 2.0 bubble burst. Even if one or two firms with stratospheric valuations collapse, I don't see another massive crash, like theY2K event, on the horizon.

One of the factors which will protect many of the latest batch of start-ups is the fact that many are low-budget operations, using open source enterprise software, cloud computing and taking advantage of all that's available for free. Today it seems to me there are more and modest incubator investments where ten years ago VCs would be putting up millions.

Maybe I'm a born optimist. But my view that "the glass is half full" is a pre-requisite of my efforts in the area of DIYLBM (do-it-yourself low-budget media).

Enjoy the video, though!

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