Thursday, December 20, 2007

Congratulations, Mr Jarvis

Forbes Magazine's list of the top Web Celebs of the year 2007 has been published and at #14 Jeff Jarvis appears.

Forbes says "
Jeff Jarvis is an old-media maven turned Internet phenomenon. An associate professor and director of the interactive journalism graduate program at the City University of New York, he's held jobs in print media ranging from founding editor of Entertainment Weekly to reporter at Chicago Today. But as the editor of media criticism blog Buzz Machine, Jarvis has become a star. He's a crusader for citizen journalism, a prominent liberal commentator, and, thanks to his frequent appearances on TV and radio, one of the most cited and quoted names on the Net."

If I had to reduce my blogroll to only two RSS feeds, one would be Jeff Jarvis and the other Michael Rosenblum.

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