Thursday, December 20, 2007

More sunshine!

Here's one for the RTA, responsible for public transport in Dubai.

Solar powered mass transportation!

More here on the deployment in Australia of a technology developed in New Zealand. What's not to love? What's so totally easy to imagine as a solution in our sun-baked Sandlands.

By having a fully solar-powered bus, Adelaide has created something that other cities should follow. Here’s hoping that Tindo does not remain a one-off model, but becomes the future of mass transportation. And did we mention that it was free to ride?

“Tindo is at the cutting edge of sustainable solar energy technology - using the power of
the sun to drive a commuter transport vehicle which operates with zero tailpipe emissions, and is also fully carbon neutral.” said Lord Mayor Michael Harbison.

Meanwhile Seattle is introducing a new generation of trams...

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