Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hello, everybody!

For some reason I checked Google Analytics today. I found interesting two determinations:

1. 28.5% of visits come from here in the Emirates, with more pages viewed and longer spent on the blog. 70% of traffic comes from repeating visitors, which I find encouraging.

2. A bizarre fact is that the next largest cohort of visitors comes from California, providing 11.3% of overall traffic. But most bounce off quite quickly; a handful of five minutes plus multi-page readers in West Hollywood being the exception rather than the norm.

I know, I know. My blogs are not titled in a way that optimizes my chances with the search engines and I'm lazy about using tags (in spite of preaching the mantra "it's the metadata, stupid".

Must check back and see why I got a truly exceptional traffic peak at the end of January...

Got it! The blog that got much read contained the magic acronym NSFW!

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