Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tempus fu**it: It's the month of May. And I'm sixty-eight.

No, the birthday was actually a few months ago. But with May '68 being re-examined in all media currently, and with my own affinity based not only on memories of the time but also the coincidence of my age, I'll need to come up with at least one post to demonstrate that I have not lost my anarcho-situationist chops.

At the same time I must accept that my goal back then was one which was more hedonist than revolutionary. I thought it would be nice to be one day sixty-eight and resident in the South of France. With one foot on the urban pavements of Munich and the other planted on the sandy beaches of Abu Dhabi I haven't quite made it...

But wait, what did they cry? "Sous les pav├ęs,la plage!"

Blogging hiatus until next week, with the long weekend to be devoted to settling into my new lodgings. The Maypole and other issues will be dealt with as and when!

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