Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to the message!

I am happy to be able to intersperse among the current flood of self-indulgent posts tagged life cache a further encouragement to those of you into DIYLBM (do-it-yourself low-budget media). The Video Journalist 'one-man shooter' movement is certainly part of the trend.

David Dunkley Gyimah, was one of the thirty video journalists at Channel One. Today, he still practises video journalism and is now a senior university lecturer and PhD student, where he lectures on integrated multimedia video journalism (CSS site building, multimedia and advance video journalism) and advises a number of newspapers such as the Financial Times.

His video below is both enjoyable and instructive.

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David of said...

Er, us D-I-Y'ers really must learn a little bit more humility :)

Thanks for the ping Malcolm.

As a Television channel manager and a seasoned hand in TV I guess you've seen it all.

Video Journalism's not a new animal either.

You can see its roots around the 60s with amateur (bolex) super 8/16 film makers.

And then the 80s with VHS recorders and beta tapes, and 90s with the Hi 8.

You'd never guess though listening to today's chatter.

p.s er, me thinks you might like Birth of a Station