Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Packing her bag

Yesterday, on Miss Aniela's blog she announces that she's...

"...had some fantastic news recently. I have been invited to be a speaker at Microsoft's Pro Photo Summit photography event in Seattle, USA, this July. I will give a thirty-minute presentation, with ten minutes for questions, on my artwork and how Flickr has impacted on my progression."

It is no exaggeration to state that without Flickr the talent of this young photographer might not have been known beyond the limits of the campus where she was studying. She certainly would not have been dealing with invitations to Redmond!

I have followed her progress now for almost two years; since just when I started blogging in late 2006 (at which time I put a link to her Flickr page on the blogroll at the left and posted this). She is now recognized as one of the two or three leading photographers specializing in the genre of self-portraiture and clone compositing.

This latest milestone on Miss Aniela's career path pleases me for two reasons; firstly, her podium appearance will mean that her work gain a new and even larger audience, secondly, I enjoy the confirmation that my talent-spotting radar is still functioning admirably!

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