Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ben Silverman interview in German

I hung on his every word when Silverman galvanized us with his insight, enthusiasm and optimism when he addressed the MipTv 2007 conference. Now he's been interviewed here in Germany where his perspective is timely; the renting of garments, wailing and gnashing of teeth has now started within the German media community in the face of increasing fragmentation of the national audience. Part of the answer may be to take, as Ben Silverman does, a broader perspective.

Not to stray to far off-topic, Sex and the City premiered in London at the weekend. A hugely successful franchise now. But it's interesting to recall that the series was developed for the HBO pay cable channel. Will a property developed here for the pay cabler Premiere one day become a break-out hit in Germany and beyond? Probably not, unfortunately, unless someone like Ben SIlverman is making the bold creative decisions.

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