Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The excitement mounts

There are many who wrinkle their noses when the vulgarizer of Scandinavian Modern is so much as mentioned in passing. However I maintain that the more neutral series are still not only value for money but quite acceptable from a design viewpoint. Anyway, the pilgrimage to the industrial zone on the edge of town has sort of become a ritual; 'twas thus in Munich back in 1980 (previously in London and Paris Habitat had filled the basic furnishing needs). It was thus again in Berlin, in Cologne, then in Abu Dhabi (the amazing experience of buying the Billy bookshelves an hour after midnight due to Ramadan opening hours) and now for a second time in Munich.

The Montepellier branch of Ikea is, of course, still on my 'to do' list!

But the other delivery which will also mark the morrow is that of the things I've had in storage since I left for the Sandlands. Not much furniture involved, though, with the single magnificent exception. The Genni lounge chair designed by Gabriele Mucchi in 1935. Mine is not, of course, an original but, with the exception of the ultra-sexy Eames lounger which I was stupid enough to give away when I quit paris, it's the most comfortable sit I've ever encountered. Mucchi chair and Billy shelves will once again play well together!

I like the photo (taken from the web) of the lounger particularly because it includes a television set like one I also once owned in the late seventies, it was the Brionvega 'Algol' model and mine was in white. I may still have it, even if it doesn't work any more. Did I put it in storage, too? Much will be revealed tomorrow!

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