Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Public Viewing 2

I know, I may be getting a touch obsessive about this Public Viewing thing. But I do find the sheer number of flat screen television sets mounted outdoors on the sidewalk of our neighbourhood's main drag quite fascinating. I am determined to actually count them on my next stroll up and down the boulevard, ignoring the ones installed inside the various establishments.

Interesting to learn today via that Munich has been rated seventh on the list of cities with the highest quality of living, a list on which Abu Dhabi took 88th position, Dubai 80th. And in Munich you don't even have to do without your shisha, as the above photo shows.

Another observation has to do with my interest in fashion: I subscribe to the feeds of Yvan, the FaceHunter, as well as to The Sartorialist. I like particularly the way FaceHunter delves into the sub-cultures of the coolest metropolitan centres to find people, young and old, who are having creative fun with their look. And guess where Yvan was posting from today... yes, Munich!

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