Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wha's like us?

From the Guardian TV & Radio blog, some reassurance that not all denizens of the cold islands have worries about their identity. (I've been following the Britishness/Englishness debate.)

If there's such a thing as an essence of Scottishness, then according to this ad it is the tendency of Scots, young and old, to battle adversaries such as bad weather, rotten luck or sensible advice in pursuit of adventure.

The ad also champions the Scottish ability to see romance in defeat. Scots often regard losing as a profoundly bonding experience. That, alongside their habit of waiting for a penny change so that they can proudly drop it into the charity collection box, is nicely evoked in this film. It says, we might have pale, goose-pimpled bodies and a crap football team, but we've got the big stuff worked out.

ANd here's the spot in question, promoting the quintessentially Scots beverage, Irn-Bru


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