Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes we Cannes! (4)

I doubt if there's any need to underline the fact that the over-arching message at Cannes was that all is digital, all is cross-platform, all is on demand... Although this year I was unable to take the time to attend any of the conference sessions, from my reading of the session reports there was little thinking that was completely new to me. I was sad, though, not to be able to listen to the former head of Disney, Michael Eisner, now one of the most digital of entrepreneurs with Vuguru.

I did take the time to enjoy a wee drop of single malt on the UK Indies stand, where I also learned that Scottish tartan was currently being hailed as the 'next big thing' at the Paris fashion week. (House of Holland, Dolce et Gabbiana and others following in the steps of Vivienne Westwood who went all 'cock o' the north' several seasons back.)

Since for the first and last days of the Cannes events I am always resplendently kilted I feel that fashion has finally caught up with me!

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