Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes we Cannes! (5)

So I wasn't by any means the only Sandlander in Cannes. I think for my former employer in Abu Dhabi - now valued client - the visit was an eye-opener. Think "boy", think "candy shop"!

When you have been attending MipCom and MipTV events as long as I have bumping into al manner of former employers is par for the course. The gentleman in the photo was signing my pay-checks five years ago.

Ten years ago Olivier was signing the checks and I bumped into him on day two.

Fifteen years ago I worked for Pavel; and I hadn't seen him since for almost that long until we met on the way in to the bar of the Majestic.

And twenty years ago my boss was Jochen. He was at Cannes, too. But hardly surprising, since he is closely involved in one of the projects of my German client.

But talking of decades passing, it's time to close out the Cannes notes for this year and pass on to the other significant event of last week... my daughter's twentieth birthday!

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