Monday, November 10, 2008

A first!

Posting from home for the very first time... and with only a minute left on my pre-paid web session. Drat!


Half-an-hour left on this morning's session, so maybe I'm rationing my time better. One is so spoiled when there is 'always on' connectivity at the office!

Now, about the photo on the left. I came across it on a Tumblr site (not that I'm yet into serious tumbling or twittering) and I immediately suspected it to be the work of David Hamilton, the photographer whose affairs I managed back in the seventies.

It could, in fact, be from his earliest work. On theother hand, it could also be that there are new, young photographers working in his style... something which I would find very interesting.

I had an email exchange with the blogger who posted this and many other photos. To help by identifying the source of this shot the blogger needed to know which image I was referring to. Which gave me the excuse to post this pretty picture.

That's about it, I guess.

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