Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday video

The third video is just for weekend entertainment, a look back on a decade of fashion by Nick Knight.

First, however, a couple of things of greater significance. Jeff Jarvis reports from the Sandlands... Not only does he make sense as usual with what he has to impart. But look at the gear he's using to record his video!

Then there's that game-changing device the Canon 5D Mark II costing $3,500 with the 24-105mm kit lens. And look at what this can do!

It is progress of this kind which is about to change our world and, for many of us, our professions, in the coming years. Just as well that America's new president seems to have a true understanding of the role science and technology has to play. There are a dozen of his interesting quotes on the topic here.

Okay, finally the video I've posted just for the fun of it...

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Jessi said...

great fun!!! this is just hilarious...
a little smile for a rainy day!