Wednesday, November 19, 2008


...that's one of the labels I could use to tag some of my posts were I not so lazy about these devices which could theoretically bring me more readers. But it certainly applies to the video embedded below. I was thinking along these lines ten years ago, making the first baby-steps in the direction of interactive soap opera. Unfortunately my client at the time decided to throttle back when the crash loomed.

But Mr Alexander talks the talk most persuasively. Then think of what he's saying and combine it with the possibilities presented by the new generation of affordable hi-def cameras (thanks, nzm, for the further info on the Canon!) and it's for sure that story-telling is on the brink of the biggest change since the advent of the Kinematograph.

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nzm said...

On the other hand, in the real reality world where things are filmed without permission, it could lead to more warnings, such as this.

Who become the gatekeepers?