Thursday, December 04, 2008


We Scots are known to be thrifty. And, indeed, I have to force myself to make any but the most everyday expenditures, push Calvinistic thoughts aside and... go for it. But this time I resorted to a trick!

In a second-hand shop I spied the chair, recognized it in the window when taking my Sunday constitutional as being not without design merit.

Yesterday I popped in and bought it for 520 Euros. The Eames office chair from the Aluminum Group of 1958 is still being manufactured and sold with a two thousand dollar price tag. (Of course, I may have bought a knock-off... but let's not go there!)

So now I no longer have to sit at my desk on an already rickety Ikea dining chair. And before me as I sit Eames-enthroned surely Ive-designed equipment should be at my disposal, no?

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