Friday, December 05, 2008

Weekend video

The clip selected does not out me as a StarWars fanboy but as someone who loves a capella music of all kinds. This I discovered via Rocketboom, which I used to watch daily back in the Amanda Congdon era. Now, however, I tend to use the 'mark as read' button with more and more of the blogs I subscribe to. I think I need to cull a bit... finding over a thousand new posts waiting for me when I've been off-line for a few days is quite daunting.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, of course. It is not just the day on which the Apple Store Munich opens, it is also (and I don't imagine it is coincidental) Nikolaustag, the feast of Saint Nicholas who was, as we all know, the real Father Christmas before CocaCola came along. I do hope Nikolaus decides I've been a good boy!

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jesso said...

what a crazy shit ;)