Monday, March 23, 2009

The Guardian rules

Regular readers will be well aware that I am an admirer of The Guardian as a news organ, whether the 'dead trees' European edition which I buy once a week or the online version which feeds stories daily into my blogroll.

I also take very seriously whatever Jeff Jarvis has to say about the media, whether in his weekly Guardian column or on his own BuzzMachine website.

My 'do-it-yourself low-budget-media' mantra was always very much informed by the work of Michael Rosenblum and his tireless efforts to spread the gospel of content generation according to the VJ model. It pleased me, of course, to see how increasingly often Jarvis and Rosenblum are to be found together, involved in educational porjects or skills workshops.

Now, in a final triangulation, Michael Rosenblum is serving as a consultant to the Guardian with regard to video content production, about which he writes here.

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