Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It is a lot!

It is a lot of crap being hurled in the direction of the Sandlands. I never, ever, lusted after a Crackberry but the idea that those who use the device might be sending a copy of every mail to people whose job it is to be... let us say vigilant... is horrifying.

Etisalat is a big organization. I do most sincerely hope that his snooping initiative was the work of an over-zealous chaner somewhere in the impenetrable hierarchy rather than a stategic decision made by people who (as I've said in a couple of other posts) I actually quite like.
The story is here, as reported by Wired.

I wonder if copies of The Times were removed from kiosks in Dubai when
this was published? Ron Liddle is a reporter whose style, acerbic and politically incorrect, I have often admired. But I suggest that the many comments on his article should also be read.

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