Friday, July 03, 2009

On the air!

Tomorrow is a big day for my Munich client, the launch of Motorvision TV. "Alles, was uns bewegt!" is the claim, and we describe ourselves in English as the 'mobility channel'.

Although getting ready to go on air has been a logistical and technical nightmare I look forward to coming months when our great young team can relax a bit and have time to come up with innovative creative content concepts.

Our launch coincides with the re-branding of German's leading pay cable platform, formerly Premiere, now Sky. Amusing to note that to the left of the copy previewing one of the Motorvision TV shows there is mention of the German debut of the critically acclaimed US series Mad Men. Alas, this may be as close as I'll ever get - propinquity in print - to radically brilliant television entertainment!

All of this comes as the automotive themed satellite channel GearOne, which I helped to create in the Sandlands back in 2005 faces competition from a Dubai based IPTV webcaster TopDrive TV. I wonder how that will work, whether the promoters can learn from the mistakes of other special interest broadcasters.

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