Friday, July 03, 2009


When you are happy and having a good time,
it doesn´t matter what time it is!
»T1MEPEACE« reminds you to enjoy life
and to forget the time.

The claim of young Berlin jewellery designer Denise Julia Reytan resonated for me... carpe diem, and so forth.

I used to crave expensive watches, never gold, preferably steel. Over the years I had three Cartier Santos models, none of which I was able to redeem after they had served as security for pawn-shop loans in times of need!

My current real watch is one I regard as beautiful. It wasn't expensive and deserves a design prize in my opinion. I bought it in one of the Paris branches of Muji.

But now with Denise's T1mepeace I have finally a watch which is truly poetic. If her limited edition (check out is sold out, she has many more scurrilous and playful items on offer!

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