Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid mubarak... and Prosit!

Okay, the visual could be better!

And the photo is five years old.

But the coincidence is that both the Eid Al Fitr festival and the Munich Oktoberfest started on the same day.

SInce this weekend I battled my early winter cold (there's usually a late winter cold, too, to be dealt with by Kleenex and Aspirin as usual) I was not on hand to see the millions descend on the Wiesn.

Funny how our local trash newspapers cannot seem to agree on how the first weekend was. One has a banner headline proclaiming that it was the most 'gemütlich' Oktoberfest start for a long time. The competing rag claims in big, bold type that it was the most brutal, with 800 injured!

This year I may not even bother throwing myself into the melée, just enjoy a bit of the atmosphere which extends to most of the traditional Bierhallen in the city.

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