Monday, September 28, 2009

Geeks guide to the Oktoberfest

Wired is the American publication which, in both 'dead trees' format and online, is the bible of all geeks. It is edited by the brilliant Chris 'Long Tail' Anderson.

In most respects Wired is an authoritative source for all pertaining to next gen tech and cyberspace issues.

But I'm wondering if they have discovered that there are hundreds of nerdy denizens of Silicon Valley determined to visit the Oktoberfest. Only this can explain the many articles offering advice for Wiesn newbies!

Their latest piece concerns matters sartorial, with a ten-point check list. It is... hilarious!

It is entirely possible that their writers have, at some time in the past, visited Munich in this festive season. We can only assume that so much beer was drunk that recollections of a factual nature are a bit hazy!

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