Monday, September 28, 2009

Horsepower etc.

I am accustomed to spending my weekends in the sleepy village Roque Saint-Jean, on the Canal du Midi, or at the far-from-sleepy naturist holiday resort, Port Libertat, not far distant, or in the metaverse VitaVersa, which resembles SecondLife on steroids.

That is to say... I usually spend about sixteen hours on weekends writing. After about four years with my characters I am very close to two thousand manuscript pages.

Yes, I know... Get a life!

Which is why on Saturday I didn't even turn the computer on and decided instead to enjoy the Oktoberfest atmosphere and weather in downtown Munich.

It was crowded and every second person seemed to be speaking Italian.
But what really amazed me were the many luxury automobiles on the city's streets.

Bentleys, at least two. Two Astons, three Audi R8s. A brace of new Ferraris. Only one Lambo, but in bright metallic orange. A single Brabus-tuned McLaren Mercedes SLR, but in matte grey! Does more than one exist?

And yet all this expensive horsepower was eclipsed, somehow, by the six-horsepower Hofbräu beer waggon. With this, however, there was an emissions problem, the like of which the carmakers do not have to deal with!

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