Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paris notes

It seems far longer than a week, my absence from Munich. When I left we were enjoying a balmy Indian Summer. But today the forecast high temperature is single digit and I've pulled out my venerable goose-down filled leather jacket.

Paris was pleasant, too, and this time they gave me a room on the very top floor, where I have never stayed before.

Nice view.

Hotel la Louisiane... tell them the guy in the kilt sent you!

So much for my plan to visit the new Uniqlo store in Paris. At the end of the line of people queueing patiently to enter the store there was a little man with a sign announcing a wait of forty-five minutes. Shades of EuroDisney.

Shopping therapy demanded alternative destinations.

At Colette I was lucky to find that there were still copies of the Sartorialist's lovely book. I was suroprised to find in it so many photographs I didn't recall from his website, which I have been following by RSS for almost three years. I stocked up as usual on my favourite eau de toilette, Comme des Garcons 2. Yes, I know this is now widely available, but it was launched at Colette and I only buy it there. Make of that what you will.

A further modest purchase found me visiting a gallery/bookstore near République, OFR, where I acquired a meilleur ami! This is a mere scarf, but it is indeed like a new best friend. It's all explained here by the trendies at Cool Hunting.

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