Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Video (and more!)

A fun video I downloaded a couple of weeks ago for your weekend enjoyment.

Speaking of weekends, I shall not, for a change, be devoting sixteen hours to working on my never-to-be-published novel (now nearing the 2,000 manuscript pages mark). I'll be glued to the television to watch the first Formula One event to be staged on the brand new circuit in Abu Dhabi.

It will remind me, yet again, that my years in the Sandlands must really be tagged as 'unfinished business'. I suppose I have only myself to blame, having contravened one of the rules I've always regarded as vitally important; settle only where you have a command of the language.

But, then, there's that other rule; if you're offered work, take it!

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jessimay said...

love the video!