Monday, November 02, 2009

Eastern promise

Have I admitted that I am a huge fan of the musical instrument known as the bajan? One of the finest players, Andrej Shamigov, comes regularly to Munich and plays in public, very often in the vaulted walkway or arcade behind the Feldherrenhalle. He's a street musician in name only; I'd readily buy a concert ticket.

The boy in the video below is playing a piece I know well from one of Shamigov's CDs... just don't ask me to name the composer... Pachebel?

The video I discovered on the BoingBoing blog, although they called the instrument an accordion, in spite of the fact that the player hits buttons instead of piano-like keys.


Ah yes... Eastern promise, take two. With regard to my previous post, The Long Take, John reminds me that Alexander Sukorov made a one-take 96 minute film, The Russian Ark, which played at Cannes in 2002 to great critical success. I saw it, not in Cannes, and it was breathtaking.

Thanks, John.

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