Friday, January 29, 2010


Back in 1966 a Sony portable TV much like the one shown on the left was the first I ever bought. It was my first 'screen', my window on the three-channel world which was television on the United Kingdom at the time. It was at the time unthinkable that there could be more then a single screen per household. How very different today. I recently counted how many I had and got up to a dozen, including a pair of defunct cell phones and vintage Macs which I don't have the courage to trash.

Now that first screen had a 9 inch diagonal (and it was black-and-white). The iPad, seen as yet another supplementary screen, has a display which is bigger.

Would I love an iPad as much as I loved that old Sony? Then it was almost my only gadget, apart from the wonderful radio pictured alongside. Yes, that's faux wood grain decorating the cylinder! I think I just might!


Keefieboy said...

I wasn't convinced about the iPad until I saw that video on Apple's site. It's the apps that make it - the way the foto viewer works, and the bookshelf and the email client - those curling pages. Woot!

I won't be rushing out to get one this year, but when v2.0 comes out with a camera or two, I'll be gagging for one!

nzm said...

Keith - add a USB port, and then it might make sense!