Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Moon

Last night's full moon, brilliantly visible in a clear sky after a wonderfully sunny day,
got me thinking about one of my all-time favourite movies.

I wonder why for me the work of Eric Rohmer always resonated so much. How I stumbled when I tried to explain how I found his style so meaningful to friends and colleagues who found the man's movies soporific and superficial.

But I also saw a kind of salvation in many of the principles of Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg fifteen years ago when the expounded the Dogme 95 doctrine.

Sure, I suppose part of the explanation is my espousal of low-budget filmmaking, which I trace back to my discovery of the oeuvre of the ingenious Roger Corman in the sixties.
In one of my recent sessions of trawling through my accumulated archives I found the final 'cost of film' accounts for two of the theatrical motion pictures I was involved with in the 70s, Bilitis and Laura Moore. Even adjusted for today's currency values they came in at EUR 2.1 and 2.4 million respectively, a budget not far in excess of that of a single episode of the series Dr. House!

Now it was (as previously posted here) the series finale of Dr. House that was shot in HD with a Canon 5D Mk.II.

And, yes, that would be my camera of choice.

My exercise de style would be a remake of
Les nuits de la pleine lune.

Surely the proverb Rohmer chose remains timeless...

"He who has two women loses his soul, he who has two houses loses his mind."

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