Thursday, April 29, 2010


What the papers say!

"I cannot recall a more comprehensively damning set of front pages at any moment in any previous campaign in my lifetime. It ensures that Brown is a goner however his party finally performs."

" be rude and dismissive about one of your own, for daring to voice a concern that half the population shares about the toll of immigration our own society? Only the most complacent of Westminster types could shrug that one off."

"It's unfortunate for Gordon Brown that this is what will be remembered when everything else that he has said in the campaign has been forgotten."

"Not only did Brown describe the perfectly reasonable, salt-of-the-earth Gillian Duffy as 'a bigoted woman.' He showed what he really thinks of the large majority of Britons who worry about excessive immigration."

"Thin-skinned, paranoid and perpetually on the hunt for someone else to blame. This is the chancellor who made life hell for Tony Blair and every political friend or foe who stepped in his path."

Is that it, then?

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