Thursday, April 22, 2010

Murphy bed 1 : Sandlander 0

The contest is, when I am resident in my Munich studio apartment, a nightly event: my Murphy bed must be deployed before I may rest my weary head. This involves judgement and anticipation of how the counterweight system will respond on each occasion.

Once last year Murphy exacted revenge. I fell in a most undignified manner, and my coccyx complained loudly for what seemed to be weeks.

On Tuesday night Murphy won again. So anxious was I to spare my coccyx that I sort of twisted to one side and, in consequence, wrenched muscles from shoulder to hip which will doubtless ache for longer than I care to contemplate.

I think I wouldn't mind so much if my Murphy bed was as suave as the one illustrating this post. But my Murphy is a thin, mean and ugly bugger!

And watching me as I do my best to handle everyday movements, such as standing up, walking, pulling on a sweater, I swear he is laughing at me!

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