Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am reminded by Garance Doré, who is covering a Chanel fashion event in Saint-Tropez, of the happy half-decade, the late seventies, when my employer was the photographer and sometime filmmaker David Hamilton.

(Garance's posts this week are here, both in French and English)

I was Hamilton's 'back office', you could say. And it was at this time of year that the 'back office' followed the boss from Paris, where winters were endured, to Saint-Tropez. This was timed so that David could avail of invitations to the Cannes Film Festval or the Monaco Grand Prix.

For me it was the start of summers I shall never forget, long lunches at the Club 55 at Pampelonne, lazy afternoons watching the action on the quay from the comfy chairs at Sénequier.

Yes, it
was glamorous, it was decadent.

was such delicious fun!

Update: OMG, this all gets highly spooky! It seems that Karl Lagerfeld has made a kind of home movie, told a little story revealing the fact that his inspiration is also rooted in the past. The video below is Part One of his short movie and there is, for fellow addicts of things Tropézien , a Part Two on YouTube, too!

This is, of course, joyously amateur film-making, self-indulgent and... as profoundly superficial as the movies I was involved with... there and then!

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