Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Reflecmedia for DSLRs

I was already a believer in the chromakey technology supplied by Reflecmedia back in 2002 and when we launched the MusicPlus video music channel in Dubai we were impressed by the excellent results we were able to achieve in our small studio. One of the big advantages of the system is the fact that there is no spill of green or blue light from the background onto the shoulders of the foreground talent even if the special background cloth is right behind the person being filmed... this is a huge space saving... Nor is there any need to waste time 'lighting the background' and, with fewer lamps deployed there is less ambient heat to be dealt with.

Back then we were broadcasting in SD and 4:3 format.

But now Reflecmedia have not only managed to lower all their prices but they have brought out kits for DSLR cameras shooting in HD.

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