Friday, July 09, 2010

July 1968

It's a funny habit, retaining ticket stubs as memorabilia.

When my daughter was a tiny tot and we started going to the cinema together I resolved at the time to keep all of the tickets. At some point I plan to use them to make a collage narrating about thirteen years of shared movies, and our joint effort to keep the Disney organization profitable.

But the stub illustrated is from... thirty years before my daughter was born! It places my in July 1968 on Broadway, not on the barricades of Saint-Germain. But I hardly recall the client or the project that took me to New York that summer... It might have had something to do with a young London record label operated from offices in Oxford Street. That was the pretext, the paid assignment.

However, the ulterior motive was my effort to find a backer for the Filmcentre Europe series, the pilot for which we had shot earlier in the year in London, Munich and Paris.

Why the sudden recall of all this? is to blame... it picked for me yesterday a hilarious version of Hair...

[On the roof of the Passage Choiseul, Anita Pallenberg, director John Crome, cameraman Nick Knowland, producer... a hairy young Sandlander!]

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Jessi said...

Cant even imagine this time, but I guess I would have loved to live at that time :)
And I am really curious about the collage!!! There were a lot good movies...