Friday, July 02, 2010

The look...

Now that we've had a week of high summer weather in Munich I am happy to report that they have emerged... the girls of summer. And in the humble opinion of a veteran scopophiliac (and I would contest those who would equate that with a rejoinder such as 'voyeuristic old git'), not for years have they looked so good.

Long, shiny hair, skimpy tank tops, shorts baring metre-long, lightly tanned limbs and, in so many cases, RayBan Aviators replacing those awful oversized Paris Hilton sunnies of yesteryear.

Funny thing... when there was the 'hot pants' trend in the early seventies I absolutely hated them.

Note that the girl in the photo is smoking.

On Sunday 9.4 million Bavarians will be asked to vote in a referendum which could give the state the most draconian anti-smoking laws in the land.

It is predicted that the outcome will be very close.

Ah, well... if the pleasure of smoking in my local café is completely banned, I can at least continue watching the girls.

By the way, sesquipedalianism is neither illegal, immoral nor curable.

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