Friday, July 02, 2010

Our French moment continues...

This just in...

Not true, of course. Just the fiendishly clever notion of French novelist Pierre Maraval to come out with a book which is likely to be the must read on the summer beaches of France.

I have always had a weakness for counter-factual fiction, sneaky re-writes of history. Wait till I get around to the novel I shall set in the Emirate of Ra'as Al Markaziyah!

And, while we are on the subject of presidents, just over a month ago Horst Köhler resigned as President of Germany under circumstances which were more than bizarre. At the time I actually asked myself whether there was material here for a speculative fiction project.

Then there was the equally odd contest to come up with a successor as titular head of state.

But a German president is a figure of little interest in the world beyond the borders of the Federal Republic, unlike little Nick. And although our new president has a comely young wife, Carla she ain't.

Enough... I have an order to place with Amazon...


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