Saturday, July 17, 2010

More street life

More following yesterday's trivia post... from the same café terrasse on the same street, yesterday afternoon I spotted the white Rolls again. It was not the Mansory White Ghost model... the custom rims identified it as the Phantom, illustrated above.

And, although my first recollection was that I had seen a drophead, closer examination yesterday showed the car to be the hardtop version... I would make a lousy witness, I fear!

Anyway, sexa suicide doors and four hundred thousand dollars on four wheels... not an everyday sight, even in Munich.

To round out the anecdote, later in the evening this amazing car rolled past my customary café in Schwabing and its dark driver and his attractive lady companion took an outside table just a few removed from my own. For most vacationing Emiratis my neighbourhood, with its Bohemian image, is way off the well-beaten downtown track between Gucci and Prada, Vuitton and Bulgari...

The storyteller in me is most intrigued...

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