Friday, July 16, 2010

Street Life

I have commented before about the fact that Munich attracts many holidaymakers from the Gulf region. The family groups are unmistakable in the streets where the best shops are located. The ladies, of course, are dressed as they would be at home in the Sandlands. And the maids looking after the noisy, spoilt children look as glum as the do in the malls of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The men... whence the evident compulsion to copy the styles of the blinged out gangsta rappers?

The German automobile tuner Mansory understands its Middle Eastern clientele very well. I found the photo of their White Ghost model above today on the Luxust website. And it reminded me of a sighting on a street in Munich last week...

A white Roller, very much like the one shown, but convertible. What stood out in particular was that the car had Dubai license plates, an F registration with a two-digit number. I wondered, en passant, whether the vanity 'lucky' number had possibly cost even more than the car itself.

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