Thursday, July 01, 2010

Weekend anticipation

My weekends in Munich are rarely eventful. My life here is, shall we say, low profile... only that of a slug or worm could be lower.

But on Saturday there is the Germany-Argentina match.

And on Sunday, the fourth of July, I am going to an Independence Day picnic. This might make a few readers wonder, those who have over the years spotted between the lines of my posts a certain ambivalence with regard to the country where I attended high school and college.

Perhaps I am less perturbed now that the curse has returned whence it came... to Texas.

But this is not to explain why I'll be humming to the melodies of Sousa, chomping the odd hot dog, fondly remembering the wonderful film Picnic, which evoked the America I actually experienced but which is long gone...

Sunday's celebration of Americana takes place at a beer garden by the name of Waldwirtschaft. My ex alerted me to the event and I decided we should go...

"Henning never failed to point out that the
Waldwirtschaft stood close to not one but two Munich establishments where the wildest fantasies play a central role. The scenarios of the spymasters of the Bundesnachrichtendienst in Pullach are possibly even outdone in the Bavaria Film Studios on the other bank of the river. It was where Alfred Hitchcock directed his very first film in 1925 and later Kubrick, Wilder, Bergman and Chabrol made important movies."

This I wrote some time ago. I started the new manuscript "Seasonal Variance" on the fifth of May and so the work goes into its third month next week. Up to now it amounts to 82,000 words with an end at about 120,000 I estimate.
But, although I did have an office for some time at the Bavaria Film Studios I have never visited the Waldwirtschaft. Hmm...

I suppose one ought to do the research before the writing...

But never mind.

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