Thursday, September 23, 2010

#1234 (!)

"News Anchor Barbie," due out in September but already available for pre-sale on the Mattel Web sitecomes clad in a pink skirt-suit with a microphone, a "news folder" and a television camera. The press release notes the silver and black accents in her outfit "off-set by black high heels and pink bows." She apparently is "always camera-ready" so she sports a "blunt cut hairstyle perfect for her close-ups."

To be honest, since finding the image this morning I have been wondering whether Michael Rosenblum has used it as the 'hook' for a scathing piece about the iniquity of luring young girls into a profession which no longer calls for pink jackets and perfect hair. Maybe he thought it unworthy of comment.

All the more surprising, then, to read the six-months old post by Tara George, a journalism professor, here.


nzm said...

I'm waiting for Action Barbie, who will be able to walk and talk at the same time. (Batteries not included; by Mattel.) ;.)

Rosenblum said...

Just found it myself. A perfect commentary on the state of television jouranlism, I think