Monday, October 11, 2010


Now those who attended the MipCom in Cannes have found their way back to their workaday desks, with a single word ringing in their ears... digital.

"Digital excitement was all-pervading at MipCom this year, from the biggest hitters downwards. Yet there was also the disquieting sense that rights headaches are continuing to rear their heads as producers and broadcasters look to take advantage of the plethora of new devices, platforms and services."

The complete blog post is here.

And yet... hasn't it taken a bloody age?

Back in 1980 VidCom was a completely separate event. In the text of the advert in the catalogue some of the guff I wrote sounds to me not in any way dated. Intriguing that I was contemplating back then alternative content forms, in the form of the re-edit of a full length movie to become a 40 minute music-and-imagery video.

It's a bit as if I would have loved to press into the hands of each of the photographers we repped a Canon 5D Mark 2.

Call me a one-trick-pony, I guess.

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