Monday, November 29, 2010

Boyhood dreams, perhaps?


- The stations I used resembled slick airport terminals, with 'people mover' walkways on the long bridges crossing Sheikh Zayed Road and ticket sellers as solicitous as the best airline check-in clerks.

- Half of the leading coach in the five/car train is 'Gold Class' with comfortable leather seats and, tellingly, a wonderful view from the front where the driver's cab would be if there were such a thing! This section has a charming girl to verify that I had, in fact, paid the equivalent of 2 Euros for my journey in this class!

- The elevated track provides a unique perspective on the cityscape... passing Burj Khalifa is more than slightly awesome!

- As in so many respects here in the Sandlands, there is no lack of 'feet on the ground'. Station staff seemed to number about a dozen and a uniformed but friendly Transit Police agent was visible on every platform.

All in all the Metro system is deserving of plaudits in almost every aspect. Even the feeder bus lines seem to be well thought out. Leaving the Metro at the Media City station... confusingly named Nakheel, after the gigantic property developer... the bus route took me to a stop directly across the road from my destination.

It is said that road traffic has dropped since the Metro commenced operations, although one must wonder how much of this decrease can be ascribed not to the introduction of viable public transportation but to the exodus from Dubai of the many, many victims of the economic downturn. Vacant units in some of the malls speak for the latter explanation.

But when Dubai recovers... as it surely will... then it will certainly benefit from the convenience of the new Metro.

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