Saturday, November 27, 2010

German Brass

On Thursday evening I did find the German Brass Band promised by the Goethe Institute playing in the Football Village on the other side of the Corniche.

It was not, however, the oompah-oompah repertoire I had... probably foolishly... anticipated.

The ensemble reminded me of the energetic syncopated percussion bands one finds more and more at open-air events in Germany. But in this case the talented drummers were joined by players of all manner of brass instruments.

The result was a cheerful performance of innovative arrangments of tunes... none of which I recognized... with a mixture of brilliant musicality and humorous interaction with the audience surrounding the band.

There was a generous distribution of Lilliputian Brezn in cellophane packages which would have  raised hoots of laughter in Munich.

All in all, good fun. And I probably should not have expected the Bayerische Defiliermarsch!

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