Saturday, December 18, 2010

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Oh, those clever-clogs from the marketing department have won! Here I am, blogging about the strange exploit they engineered yesterday...

It was thus... I was doing Friday overtime in the office and happened to turn to glance out of the window. Suspended from a crane, groups of about a dozen punters were being hauled aloft to have a "unique breakfast experience"... or something along those lines.

This went on all afternoon. When I quit work I wanted to get closer to the action. But the venue was one of the family beaches, where Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Afghani... and indeed Scottish... 'bachelors' are not admitted, lest we... oh well...

Anyhow... I did manage a couple of snaps from a distance.

And, actually, I quite liked Philadelphia Cream Cheese even before they pulled this bizarre stunt!

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