Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reading matters

My sojourn at the beach yesterday was only very brief, after my overtime at the office, as the sun was setting.

But to continue my reporting concerning the books I'm reading I must note that Kate Mosse's Labyrinth was really well worth a second visit. And it is clear to me now that her narrative certainly informed my own writing when I returned to Germany and left her book in my Abu Dhabi flat.

So far re-reading a couple of titles has proved to be a real pleasure. And I do see a few more paperbacks in that cardboard boy beckoning to me.

But I feel a certain responsibility for maintaining the turnover of the outlets which have served me so well over the years... MacGrudy's and Books Corner.

And so I bout Sebastian Faulks' A Week In Decmber, starting it last night and as a result staying up much longer than is my wont.

It's a fascinating read.

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