Friday, December 31, 2010

Reading matters

I can with some confidence promise that this is the last stupid cat image... and indeed the last animated GIF... that I shall post in 2010!

Note, however, that the feline appears to be fiercely guarding a paperback!

I enjoyed Clive Cussler's Spy this week, a tale of espionage set in the years prior to the First World War. I did have a Cussler phase many, many years ago and I picked up another story by the very prolific author for this afternoon on the beach, this time set in 1941. It sounds like a rollicking tale, just right to ease me pleasantly into 2011!

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nzm said...

Happy New Year, Malcolm!

That's just not any cat in your image, that's Maru from YouTube; a most famous YouTube cat from Japan.

Maru loves boxes, and that's not a paperback, it's a box. In this video at the 1:48 mark, he splats into this box, and that's when I started to cry with laughter!

I am also an ardent fan of Clive, and have most of his books, alas, in storage in NZ. They are a fascinating blend of fact and fiction and I have learned a lot from reading them. I do admit that the Dirk Pitt series was my favourite, and Juan Cabrillo and The Oregon Files are not the same. They were good to read on our many plane journeys.