Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reading matters

As things become increasingly insane approaching the end of my ninety day sojourn in the Sandlands I have found myself more and more needing to escape into fictional normalcies. I enjoyed a further case solve by the intrepid Isaac Bell in the Clive Cussler novel.  The more recent past was the setting of "Darkest Hour" and although I tend to avoid military themed stories the adventures of Sergeant Jack Tanner had the familiar structure of a police procedural. Into which category "Dark Blood" certainly fits, dark to the point of noir, with an Aberdonian accent. But the storytelling followed on from a previous Stuart MacBride title which I eventually recalled having read with pleasure. The foul-mouthed and permanently randy gay woman Detective Inspector remains a character responsible for this reader's unseemly hoots of laughter, sometimes in places where such outbursts raise eyebrows!

I've got a Grisham again for the current week, but I hope to find something more adventurous for the Etihad flight next Sunday.

Shall I continue the reading matters posts when I'm back in Germany? I think so. Noting the books with which I have whiled away the time helps me to fix the titles and authors in my mind and to avoid buying the same bloody book twice!

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